Securisk provides wide range of insurance services including Personal Life, Group Term Life/Medical etc. Below are brief explanations of Life Assurance Products/Policies offered:

1. Life Assurance (Straight)
Ordinary Whole Life Assurance or Straight Life is a policy which requires that premium is paid through the life of the insured and at death, benefits are payable to his/her beneficiary(ies).
2. Life Assurance (Limited)
Whole Life Assurance with Limited Premium Payment Period is a policy that requires premium payment up to age 60 when payment stops, but the insured remain insured until death during which time the benefits are payable to his/her beneficiary(ies).
3. Endowment (With or Without Profit)
The Endowment (With or Without Profit) policy requires premium payment over an agreed period and at maturity the sum assured is payable at once to the insured. If death of the insured occurs ealier, the sum assured is payable to his/her beneficiary(ies).
4. Endowment At Retirement
This policy allows the sum assured to be payable to the insured upon attainment of an agreed age requirement.
5. Anticipated Endowment Plan
This policyallows for the sum assured to be payable in four installment, i.e. 15 years endowment, at the end of the first five (5) years 25% of the sum assured is paid to the insured, after another five (5) years 25% is paid while the balance 50% is paid at the end of the fifteen years.
6. Term Life Assurance
This policy is suitable to deal with personal transaction and business needs such as loan, short business trip, etc. It is a pure life insurance and has not saving element. Benefits are payable only if the insured dies while the policy is in full force.
7. Children's Educational Endowmwnt
This policy provides for your child education at college. With this policy, you need not to worry about your child/children education when they reach age 18 or out of high school.
8. Group Term Life/Medical Assurance Plan
This policy provides a blanket cover for life, medical and accident (bodily injury or death) without evidence of incurability of employees. It also provides cover for students and teachers known as Student Personal Accident. It covers student/teachers while schools are in section whether the students are on or off campus.
9. Group Pension
This policy is a form of savings/investment wherein a lump sum is paid upon retirement.
10. Money Back Life Policy
This policy allows everyone to save. It has no limitation and/or time limit.

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Secure Risk Insurance Company, Inc. is a professional local composite insurance company with offices in Monrovia. It has its ranks: Insurance Experts, Economists, Risk Management Specialist, etc.

These cadres of experienced professionals provides a wide range of services to institutions in the Public and Private Sectors.


Securisk offers Liberia Community the opportunity from protecting their families and businesses.

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