The primary mission of Secure Risk Insurance Company is to provide quality and technical insurance services to the private industry and the public sectors of the economy. Its complementary mission is to develop and market new insurance products for the emerging capital markets. Its principal focus, therefore, is on the untapped sector of our markets so as to provide products and services that seek to address the long term financial security needs of individuals their families, institutions (private and public).

It is the goal of SECURISK that its services contribute to the development of a sustainable and vibrant capital market to fuel the engine of economic and industrial development for this newly developing Liberian economy to achieve these objectives, SECURISK expect to do the followings:

  • Develop service standards and procedures to improve customer services and consequently improve customer confidence in the company;
  • Develop educational and promotional campaigns aimed at broadening the appeals of insurance, pension and other financial security products and services to the increasing segments of the insuring population, and
  • Undertake research projects in insurance products development and creating relevant industry wide statistical databases necessary for experience studies so critical to sound product development and pricing.

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Secure Risk Insurance Company, Inc. is a professional local composite insurance company with offices in Monrovia. It has its ranks: Insurance Experts, Economists, Risk Management Specialist, etc.

These cadres of experienced professionals provides a wide range of services to institutions in the Public and Private Sectors.


Securisk offers Liberia Community the opportunity from protecting their families and businesses.

Corner of Broad & Lynch Streets
P. O. Box 3860, Monrovia, Liberia


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